Eternal Lies

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Session 5: Los Angeles II

November 5 – 6th

Shelly spend a couple of days researching the tomes Ayers requested, losing sanity in the process.

Lawrence decodes the accounting books found in the safety deposit box, discovering more about the cult’s activities.

Cassie contacts Ms. Astor and feels some sanity returning.

Nicholas questions Frank Kearns, but receives little useful information.

Jack sets up a scam, but is arrested suddenly by police who demand information about his group’s activities. They present a photo of a bruised Johnny. He is scared off and warns the group of imminent danger.

The investigators spend their final night in LA investigating Echevarria’s former estate as well as his farmhouse where the events of 1924 took place. Afterwards, they fled LA in search of George Ayers.

November 7th

On the plane, Jack discovered the existence of a beeping bomb.

Session 4: Los Angeles

November 4th

Investigation reveals that assets from First Bank have been transferred to FDIC. Investigation into FDIC reveals that warehouse that keeps materials is kept in Long Beach. Group is given permission to retrieve Safety Deposit Box.

Lawrence realizes he is being followed. Group threatens man, who reveals he was hired by Captain Walker and Samson Trammell.

Meanwhile, Shelly investigates events of 1924 and visits police station. She is given a police report for the 1924 incident.

November 5th

Jack interrogates Olivia Clarendon, an actress who used to be involved with the cult.

Shelly and Jack later travel to UCLA where they discover that, while George Ayers is still officially a professor, he hasn’t been seen in over 10 years after an expedition to Ethiopia. They are given his itenary information and access to books he requested from Echevarria’s estate.

Session 3: Savannah II

November 2nd

On the way to the Henslowe estate, the investigators are stopped by four threatening men and handed a threatening letter.

Investigators visit Henslowe estate and speak to Currothers and Mother Henslowe. After a puzzle, they discover the contents of the safety deposit box, which includes a key, a notebook, a letter, and an odd stone supposedly dropped by Edgar Job during the events of 1924.

November 3rd

Investigators begin travelling to Los Angeles. Travel takes a day.

November 4th

Arrival in Los Angeles. Group travels to First Bank of Long Beach and discovers that it is closed and abandoned.

Session 2: Savannah

November 1st

Investigators reached Savannah and spent the night at their hotel.

investigation done into Joy Grove Asylum and Douglas Henslowe.

November 2nd

Investigators visit Joy Grove and interview Douglas Henslowe. They also discover that another individual connected to the events of 1924 is there, a former cultist named Edgar Job. They interview him as well and are directed to his estate to obtain the key to a safety deposit box in Los Angeles. They are told that the cult centered around an entity named Gol-Goroth.

Additional investigation is done into Joy Grove and the doctors there.

Session 1: New York

October 31st:

It was 9:00 P.M at Floyd-Bennett Field when they arrived: a variety of common-folk from various walks of life. Shelly Louise Margaret, a socialite secretly connected to the mysterious patron who invited everyone here. Lawrence Rembralt, an accountant wishing to get in the good graces of Rogers Consolidated. Cassie, a western entertainer and famous gunslinger. Nicholas Bordeaux, a former boozerunner who fought in the Great War. And Jack DeWitte, a southern gentleman with suspiciously good charm.

Meeting, or pretending to meet, Janet-Winston Rogers for the first time, the wealthy and mysterious woman explains her predicament: her father, Walter Winston, who died earlier this year, was involved with mysterious people who all dabbled in occult subjects. Her father was gone for most of 1924 until, in August, he came back a changed man who was scared to even leave his home. He barely even seemed to grieve when Janet’s mother died in 1932. In 1933, Janet’s husband passed away as well.

She showed these people letters from a Mr. Douglas Henswlow, sent from Savannah, Georgia. In his letters, Douglas repeatedly requests that Walter share his side of what happened in August of 1924 for the benefit of both himself and his doctors. Walter Winston seems to have never responded.

Janet Winston-Rogers requests that her guests discover the truth of what happened 10 years ago in that August of 1924. They agree, although express skepticism that they’ll find anything enlightening.

They also meet Frank Kearns, a black pilot who also fought in the Great War. He has agreed to fly the investigators anywhere they need to go in The Silver Sable, a highly advanced plane owned by Janet-Winston Rogers.

November 1st:

The next day, Shelly picked up some relevant-sounding books from the New York Public Library before the group traveled to Walter Winston’s home, most of which had already been auctioned off. They saw a couple of oddly-shaped patterns of mold on different walls resembling mouths: one in Walter Winston’s study and the other in his library.

The group also learned that Walter Winston made his money in pharmaceuticals and spent it on
hospitals, particularly after 1924 and that Winston Pharmaceuticals is in the process of being absorbed into Rogers Consolidated.

Speaking with Janet Winston-Rogers once more, Lawrence requests to see Walter Winston’s personal records. Janet agrees, although the records she uncovered have been largely expunged. Still, Lawrence manages to learn that Walter Winston traveled to Los Angeles in August of 1934.

Shelly says a romantic, private goodbye to Janet-Winston Rogers and promises to keep an eye out. Jack DeWewitte looks up his old roommate Johnny in the New York phone book to no avail. Nicholas Bordeaux gets comfortable in the co-pilot’s seat and prepares for a chat with Frank Kearns. With that, the investigators take off in the Silver Sable towards Savannah, Georgia.


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