Eternal Lies

======================================== NAVIGATION: CAMPAIGN SIDE ========================================
======================================== NAVIGATION: DASHBOARD SIDE ========================================

Session 4: Los Angeles

November 4th

Investigation reveals that assets from First Bank have been transferred to FDIC. Investigation into FDIC reveals that warehouse that keeps materials is kept in Long Beach. Group is given permission to retrieve Safety Deposit Box.

Lawrence realizes he is being followed. Group threatens man, who reveals he was hired by Captain Walker and Samson Trammell.

Meanwhile, Shelly investigates events of 1924 and visits police station. She is given a police report for the 1924 incident.

November 5th

Jack interrogates Olivia Clarendon, an actress who used to be involved with the cult.

Shelly and Jack later travel to UCLA where they discover that, while George Ayers is still officially a professor, he hasn’t been seen in over 10 years after an expedition to Ethiopia. They are given his itenary information and access to books he requested from Echevarria’s estate.



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