Eternal Lies

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Session 5: Los Angeles II

November 5 – 6th

Shelly spend a couple of days researching the tomes Ayers requested, losing sanity in the process.

Lawrence decodes the accounting books found in the safety deposit box, discovering more about the cult’s activities.

Cassie contacts Ms. Astor and feels some sanity returning.

Nicholas questions Frank Kearns, but receives little useful information.

Jack sets up a scam, but is arrested suddenly by police who demand information about his group’s activities. They present a photo of a bruised Johnny. He is scared off and warns the group of imminent danger.

The investigators spend their final night in LA investigating Echevarria’s former estate as well as his farmhouse where the events of 1924 took place. Afterwards, they fled LA in search of George Ayers.

November 7th

On the plane, Jack discovered the existence of a beeping bomb.



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